Crinkled Oranges

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Gary and I are sitting

in our kitchen/sunroom on the rockers from Mom and Dad's house with the little TV from the craft room sitting on a stand.

Those are the only chairs we have left in the house. 

I've been very lax on posting remodel pictures, partly because I'm exhausted.  As Gary mentions every morning as we get out of bed, it's groundhog day number . . .

Tomorrow the painter is coming, and he has DEMANDED that every carpet be ripped up, every piece of furniture out of the rooms being painted (which is every room but our bedroom and the middle bedroom Jackson is staying in), and every wall patched and in perfect condition.  I've been pretty upset at that painter as we've killed ourselves getting ready for him.   I think I'm taking all my frustrations about camping out in our home on him.

But, as I watch the news tonight, before we take our chairs and the TV out to the carport, I'm actually counting my blessings.  There are numerous fires burning in Utah right now, and many people have been evacuated and have lost their homes.  I can't even imagine.  All of our discomforts will result in a wonderful "new" home.

Here is a photo history:

June 13

June 14

June 15

Got all of this out . . .

Then we had a nice break with Ashton visiting with us before and after EFY.

June 27

Now down . . .

Our "secret" closet storage in the hall.  

The messes outside


A very late night putting craft paper on all the newly refinished wood floor.

June 27

Gary playing Frisby with Ashton

July 4  -- No Ashton Fireworks this year.

July 5 

 Fridge in Living Room

Progress on wall . .

 These cupboards have not seen the light of day since 1987 when Dad built them.

Empty craft room closet. 

Two rooms not being painted, that are stuffed with everything.

 And of course the infamous "Deep" storage, that I've re-organized hundreds of time, but that you cannot even enter right now.