Crinkled Oranges

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Or McGyver?  2 men fixing a toilet with bobbie pins and safety pins. According to Gary, it will last forever. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fairy Tale

come true.  I wrote this 5 years ago, and share it today on Natalie's 31st birthday.

So here is my fairy tale:
Once long ago, about 25 years ago (now 31 years ago) to be exact, there lived a family with a Mother and a Father and two beautiful princesses. As the family tried to grow, they lost two little daughters, Annalee, first, and Emily two years later. The little maidens were both still at birth. There was sadness in the home, but also gratitude for the two little princesses that already occupied the home.

Then one day a Knight in Shining Armor (otherwise known as Uncle Gary) approached the mother and father and inquired if they would want to adopt a child into their humble home. Of course Mother and Father were delighted as they awaited the birth of the baby, which was to occur in about two months time. They did not share the news with many in the land until the appointed day, as they did not want to set themselves, or others, up for disappointment should the miracle not occur.

Then one day, they got the awaited call. The valiant birth mother had given birth to a little girl and loved her enough to give her as a Gift to the family. The news of the birth was Joyfully received! The one day old infant would be magically arriving (by air) that evening at 8:30 pm in the arms of the Knight in Shining Armor!

There was pandemonium in the land! The princesses were pulled out of their schooling and told the news! Friends and Family rejoiced. Grandparents away on a journey quickly made their way home! Diapers, carriage seat, bottles gathered!

The anticipated hour was soon upon them. Family gathered awaiting the magical arrival. As the Knight descended with his bundle of joy, the family crowded around. The stewardesses alighted from the flying chariot to see who the lucky family of this little miracle would be. (All of this was of course pre 9/11). Princesses were beyond joyful, as they debated what they should call their new little sister. Champagne was offered by the delighted stewardesses, who were amazed by the Knight flying in with that the little child. Champagne was denied, as the knight and family did not drink alcohol, but the gesture was greatly appreciated.

The third little Princess completed the humble palace home of the family. There was Lght in the eyes of the Mother again (as she was told by a friend, who said it had been missing for awhile). The Father was surrounded by his princesses and feeling like a King. The twoPrincesses felt more like mothers to their little princess and took great delight in choosing her clothes and laughing at and watching her every move. (A fight wherein they were both tugging at her for ownership, at 2 days old, was also recorded in the videos of history)

Years passed, and the little princess grew into a Beautiful young woman, who was kind and loving and caring to her family and those around her. She brought light, drama, and imagination to the humble palace home. She blossomed with many artistic talents and the voice of an angel, though her fairy godmother and others in the kingdom often have to remind her of those gifts and implore her to use those talents more. She is beloved among the land and a special aunt to the new generation of prince and princesses that dot the continent and appreciate her for her game playing skills.

The Tale has not ended, as no doubt there are still many surprises ahead (perhaps even a handsome prince?--Now known as Trent). But whatever the future may hold, there is no doubt that the miracle will continue to grow and live . . .

Happily Ever After 

Friday, April 24, 2015

A night

for reminiscing.

Our friend, Matt's, daughter and her husband, Brian, came by for a visit tonight.
They are such a cute couple and have a 4 month old baby.  We pulled out the old photo albums to find pictures of her Dad.  Matt has been gone for 7 years now, and it is fun to share our memories of her dad with her.

Of course, the bonfires were a huge part of our high school years.  In fact, they were such a huge part that the school did away with them our senior year.  I think the picture may explain why.

Here are Gary and Matt on a Snake River trip when they were 15.

Then as we were talking, we found out that Brian's sister is serving in the same mission as Jackson.  I pulled up one of the pictures Jackson had sent in an email, and there was his sister in the picture.

Jackson is sixth from the left and she is second to last.

Small world, isn't it.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

It is all Natalie's


I told the girls that my main intention in blogging every day this year was to share family history stories and pictures.

Then Natalie and Trent announced their engagement, and I've allowed (or forced) wedding plans to seriously derail me.  So, it is their fault that the only thing I have been sharing is my obsession with the colors of teal and coral.

But I am repenting.  Tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Everyone is

Home safe and sound.  I'm so grateful for my daughters.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

We were a little

Burned with crafts tonight, so we watched "The Wedding Planner" and "My Best Friend's Wedding" tonight.

Monday, April 20, 2015